Pregancy and Postpartum

Pregnancy  and Postpartum can be a time of highs and lows.  Are you browsing the internet looking for information on perinatal emotional complications?   Do you wonder if what you are feeling is normal?  No one talks about the emotional experience of becoming a new parent, and there are few safe spaces to talk about the reality of how hard it is.  Whether you may be experiencing a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder or just need a place to talk about the intense experiences of this time in your life, its important to reach out today.

1in 5 mothers experience a perinatal mood disorder and dads experience them too.   It is so much more common than most of us believe.  A huge contributing factor is new parent isolation, and lack of support.  Too often new parents concerns are brushed off as normal,  if you are reading this post,  you know that its more than that and it would help to receive meaningful support for how hard it really is.

I provide individual psychotherapy for pregnant and postpartum parents-  both mom and dads,  and can provide sessions for couples to come in together to talk about perinatal mood disorders.

New Parent Consultation in your Home-  concerned you might have a Postpartum Mood Disorder,  but not sure what to do next?

Adjustment to Parenthood:  Drop in Support group for pregnant and postpartum families. I co-facilitate a bi-weekly drop in group in Wallingford at the Good Shepard Center.  The group provides a space to talk about the realities of being new parents in a safe space.

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